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10 Common Questions Customers Ask us:

10 Common Questions Customers Ask us:

10 Common Questions Customers Ask us:

1.How long will my remodel project take?

*Depending on the exact scope of work and what materials we will be using, a typical full hall bathroom remodel project will take anywhere between 1-2 weeks from start to finish. *A typical master bathroom remodel project will take between 2-3 weeks to complete depending on if we are doing a custom shower glass door and new countertops.


*A usual kitchen remodel (not changing existing layout – keeping it the same), will take between 3-5 weeks, pending specific scope of work and cabinet and countertop specifications and lead times.
***These time frames could change, depending on the specific details of your project and other factors.

2.What is a rough estimate on how much my kitchen or bathroom remodel will cost?

*Our estimators may be able to tell you a rough cost in person before writing up your bid, but we are unable to give rough estimates over the phone. Many factors go into our detailed pricing such as: the specific materials we will be installing, the size and specific layout of your space, the existing materials, plumbing pipes and electrical that you have in your kitchen and bathroom, etc.

3.Where do I buy my materials?

*De Mar and CFM (Contract Furnishings Mart) have a great variety of laminate and LVP flooring, tile, carpet and other materials. Ferguson is a great source for plumbing materials.

4.Do you guys offer any design services?

*We do not unfortunately, however we have great recommendations for some.

5.Can you do the work from beginning to end?

*We can and we would prefer to take over your whole project so that we can control the schedule, materials and line up all of the scopes of work in order to be able to complete your project in the most timely fashion.

6.Does your company provide a warranty for its work?

*We provide a 1 year labor warranty.

7.Do you require a deposit before starting the work?

*Yes – we require a 50% labor and materials deposit prior to starting the work to get you on our schedule. 20% of your deposit is non refundable. Special order materials like countertops, tile, cabinets, etc. are non refundable.

8.Is it better to have drawings before the estimate appointment

*Yes – it helps us get the best understanding of what we need to accomplish for your project and it helps us familiarize and prepare ourselves with your scope of work in the best way possible.

9.Do I buy my materials or do you guys buy the materials?

*We can purchase the materials you choose, or you can supply your materials for us and have them on site. Whichever you prefer.

10. Do you have an hourly rate?

*We do not offer an hourly rate; our projects are bid by the job only.


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Remodel your home with Bowers Plumbing and Remodel in Puyallup!

Remodeling your home can be a real headache. There are so many seemingly small decisions that end up making or breaking the whole project. There are also many big decisions, including who’s going to do the remodeling. Will it be a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or will you hand it off to a professional company? If you choose the latter, will you go local or commercial? Here is the Bowers Plumbing and Remodel approved guide for choosing the right remodeling company for you.

Many home improvement stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot offer installation or remodeling services as well as the materials necessary to complete the project. While this may seem like a convenient one-stop-shop for your home needs, there is more to consider.

Going through a corporation has many downsides, including:

-longer turnaround times,

-different crews for every portion of the project,

-out-of-order operations,

-less personable staff, and

-no project manager

Among other points, these companies will try to nickel-and-dime you out of your budget to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your dream home. Staying on-budget will leave you less satisfied and wishing you’d just done it yourself.

With Bowers Plumbing and Remodel in Puyallup, we strive to ensure 100% satisfaction while staying within your budget. Need more convincing? Going through a local contractor offers:

-free estimates,

-better quality work,

-knowledge and experience,

-no third parties,

-more information about who is working in your home,

-faster turnaround times,

-more personable,

-set project management,

-correct order of operations, and more!

 If you are in need of home remodeling, contact Bowers Plumbing and Remodel. We offer knowledge and experience and keep you informed in every step of the project. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today! (253) 218-1410,-122.6942622,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x5490fdc954cb49a7:0x94fcbc293cdba8!8m2!3d47.2544276!4d-122.1338875

Are your waste lines constantly backed up?

Are your waste lines constantly backed up?

Was your home built between 1945 and 1972? If so, call a plumber because your sewer line may be Orangeburg pipe.

What is Orangeburg pipe?

Orangeburg pipe is also known as fiber conduit and is made from asphalt-impregnated layers of wood pulp and pitch. It’s essentially tar paper. Lightweight and brittle, this piping absorbs moisture and deforms under pressure, which leads to a great need for plumbing repair.

Orangeburg was used to replace sewer line during WWII

Orangeburg started out as a substitute for cast iron pipe, which was heavily taxed to support the war effort. However, some companies continued to use Orangeburg pipe until the 1970s.

Orangeburg has a life expectancy of approximately 50 years, with deformation beginning around 30 years. That means that if your home was built in or before 1972, you may be in serious need of a sewer line replacement

Why would I need a sewer line replacement?

Once Orangeburg pipe begins to break down, homeowners can expect frequently clogged lines, tree root invasion and even total pipe collapse. If you see indentations in the front yard that line up with where the sewer line should be, that may be a sign of Orangeburg pipe deterioration. Once the deterioration process begins, Orangeburg pipes deform quickly. Oh, and if your neighbors have Orangeburg, you probably do too.

Plumbing Services and Solutions

We are offering free* sewer scopes to the first 25 customers who call and set up an inspection.

Once the scope has been performed, a tech will sit down with you to review video of your line and go over options for treatment. 

Do I need to have Orangeburg pipe to get a free scope?

NO. If your home is having constant backup issues and you feel like something is wrong we are definitely here to help. Many things can cause a mainline backup. Some of those things include root intrusion, a crushed pipe, corroded pipe, and even a build-up of grease within the pipe.

Options to fix: Bowers Plumbing LLC. knows just how expensive a mainline repair can be. A sewer scope can help diagnose a problem and allow us to offer the best solution. Whether you need a full replacement, spot replacement, jetting service, or a trenchless estimate, Bowers Plumbing is here to help.

Call (253) 218-1410 to set up your inspection today!

Visit our Website:

*free with outside access,-122.6942622,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x5490fdc954cb49a7:0x94fcbc293cdba8!8m2!3d47.2544276!4d-122.1338875