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Why hire a professional plumber?

Why hire a professional plumber?

8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

Some pipe issues seem to be a convenient solution, however you may end up midsection somewhere down in water that is coming from somewhere unidentified. We as a whole prefer to handle projects ourselves when we can, yet latrines and sinks can possibly cause critical damage since holes can spread or go undetected in dividers until it’s past the point of no return.

The typical American family utilizes about 300 gallons of water every day at home. Spills and other channeling issues mean there’s a ton of potential damage prowling in your dividers.

Whenever DIY transforms into catastrophe, now is the right time to call Bowers Plumbing & Remodel. 


Nothing transforms a Friday into a Monday like not having any water whatsoever. In the event that you awaken and get nothing past a trickle, you ought to call your neighbors and a handyman. On the off chance that your neighbors have a similar issue, a handyman can assist you with sorting out who to require your property.

Assuming that it’s just your home, you’ll believe a handyman should quickly take care of the issue. Having no water can be a significant admonition sign that something has turned out badly.

Around 10% of all American homes have releases that squander 90 gallons of water or all the more every day, as per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Frozen pipes, significant breaks, reinforcements, issues with the central conduit and more can make you lose water. You ought to call a handyman rapidly in light of the fact that either the water was switched off or the water that ought to be going into your house is spilling elsewhere.

Those breaks can cause critical primary harm to your home and its establishment, in addition to you might accumulate a major water bill assuming it is running reliably. Fixing a break can diminish your water bill by as much as 10%, as indicated by the EPA.

You ought to likewise know about a couple of extraordinary cases. Assuming you have cold water however no boiling water, it could be a warmer issue. Assuming water chips away at one story of your home yet not another, you could be encountering a strain issue that is not difficult to cure with the right gear.


It’s typical not to have any boiling water after the children wash up, yet it’s not OK assuming it requires a couple of hours for water to heat up regardless. You know now is the ideal time to call a plumber about your water warmer in the event that you experience rehash issues and there never is by all accounts sufficient boiling water.

Your pipes accomplice can assist you with investigating the issue. It very well may be a not kidding concern or a little issue that is not difficult to fix. Pilot lights go out constantly, however you might have a trickle or other defect on the off chance that it goes out consistently.

Some of the time your heated water may not stand the test of time in the event that your tank isn’t adequately large. An expert handyman can assist you with figuring out what tank size you’ll require and introduce it when you’ve settled on your decision, and furthermore can walk you through checking the breaker and numerous other little issues that can cause concern.

A decent handyman can likewise decide the reason for critical temperature variances. When something isn’t working as expected and the temperature swings fiercely, you could be gravely singed in the wake of making changes in accordance with a shower that leaps from super cold to blazingly hot.

In the event that you’re confronting a significant gamble, have an expert actually look at your igniters, wires, indoor regulators, warming components, lines and considerably more


A water warmer that is perspiring or “sobbing” is in many cases an indication of a sluggish however consistent break. A large number of us will initially find it when we want to check the pilot light or need to go close to the water radiator and notice the ground is somewhat moist.

Little breaks come from breaks in funneling or the packaging and will ultimately prompt greater issues. It’s perfect to get these really early, reasonable and restricted.


Other peril signs to look for include:

-Corroded spots on your water warmer or the encompassing funneling

-Consumption on the water warmer

-A bizarrely enormous pool of water in the dribble container or close by

-Call your handyman assuming that you notice any of these signs. You can safeguard your home at a reasonable expense by fixing or supplanting your water warmer.

Whenever you call a handyman for this sort of review, they ought to likewise do an exhaustive check for gas releases or other electrical issues. You can recognize a hole all alone by splashing foamy water on the line and searching for bubbles when the gas is off, however you can without much of a stretch miss the indications of a break until it’s past the point of no return.

Experts can determine these worries and forestall significant cerebral pains on the off chance that you know when to call a handyman.

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At the point when your water doesn’t stream powerfully, it’s normally time to call a handyman to check out the inward operations of your pipes.

At the point when it is a spigot in one restroom, it very well may be something as straightforward as a stopped up aerator. You can address this by unscrewing the aerator and wiping out the silt. This is generally finished with a little scouring or a vinegar douse.

On the off chance that wiping out an aerator doesn’t get the job done or on the other hand assuming the low tension is in more than one sink, you might have a considerably more huge issue hiding underneath the surface. Low tension is many times connected with broken or broken pipes either in the dividers or under the underpinning of your home. These regions will release each time you utilize any water in your home, making a developing issue that can cause significant harm to your home.

On the off chance that you’re encountering low strain that is not situated in a particular apparatus, now is the right time to call a handyman and request prompt assistance.


Stops up are normal in plumbing, from tubs and latrines to fixtures indoor and out. A portion of these obstructs can be scattered with an unclogger and a little muscle. In any case, on the off chance that you can’t unclog them after a little unclogger work, or on the other hand assuming there’s a stop up that reliably backs, you ought to call a handyman.

Handymen can utilize exceptional apparatuses like cameras that can look further into pipes for something that might be causing a drawn out issue. Hair, oil develop, roots getting into underground frameworks and issues with your septic tank are a couple of potential issues.

Any recurrent channel issue merits a call since you may be confronting a difficult issue. Regardless of whether it’s something little —, for example, a tub that obstructs each time you give your canine a shower – it can transform into a greater concern assuming it happens more than once. You can perform cures at home, however commonly you’re basically deferring an issue or treating a side effect and permitting a hidden issue to putrefy


In the event that your shower is trickling just 10 times each moment, you’re paying for 500 extra gallons of water every year.

Perhaps you’ve been intending to fix that dribbling sink when you have the opportunity. In what would seem like no time, months pass and the issue continues to happen. Some of the time a dribble can be a convenient solution with a little fixing, a few handymen’s tape or another section, yet that is not generally the situation. A consistent dribble might come from a break in a line or a component that is introduced erroneously. Pressure developments or different worries may likewise assume a part.

For these little issues, it’s wise to call a handyman when you can’t fix it or when you have a couple of things on your daily agenda. Most handymen work constantly, so you can pack in the investment funds by giving your handyman an exhaustive arrangement of issues. Having a handyman check your holes additionally offers you a chance to seek clarification on some things or get ideas for impending rebuilding and different ventures.


Latrines spilling over are a piece of life, particularly when little youngsters are in the house. In some cases these issues are not difficult to address and different times the underlying driver is covered up — like when your latrine floods yet isn’t apparently stopped up. A latrine that is continually running can frequently be fixed by supplanting the flapper — and that can set aside your cash as well.

On the off chance that your latrine is spilling over, switch off your water. If conceivable, keep the water off and utilize different offices until somebody can look at the latrine for you. The water shutoff for most latrines is underneath the bowl at the back or on the left-hand side.

Assuming your latrine began to stream following a flush, you’re most likely encountering a blockage. Stops up in the latrine can be addressed with an unclogger as a rule since they unstick whatever is stuck. On the off chance that a couple of unclogs don’t get the job done, pause and call a handyman — keeping at it can cause harm to your latrine and possibly to your channeling. A decent, proficient handyman ought to show up rapidly to unclog it, decide the issue, and assist with keeping it from recurring.

Some of the time latrines flood for what feels like not a great explanation by any means. At the point when water begins to rise all alone, you’re undoubtedly encountering a stop up in the channel pipe itself — either in your primary drainpipe or in the sewer line. Such obstructs will send water through your latrine at whatever point you run anything, from the shower to the dishwasher.

Pipes ordinarily track down discharge for additional water in the latrine, since it is in many cases genuinely the absolute bottom in the seepage framework other than the line that is obstructed.

Whenever your latrines or different installations flood all alone, quit utilizing water and call a handyman. They can survey the issue and let you in on how it tends to be settled. Here and there this is a more serious cleaning of lines, and at different times it very well may be an intensive check of your general home and its association with neighborhood sewer lines.

Homes with their own private septic frameworks can encounter a reverse when the septic tank is full. This can cause a foul wreck also, presenting your family to sewage and other wastewater. Continuously call a handyman in the event that you end up in this kind of circumstance, and make certain to have your septic tank wiped out routinely.

It is prescribed to have your septic tank wiped out basically like clockwork, yet think about cleaning it at regular intervals assuming you have flood and obstruction issues.



Sometimes a backup or clog can create a smell that permeates through your home and makes it unbearable to stay in your space. Don’t try to power through the smell and tackle the problem, because this is a sign of major plumbing distress. You might end up making the problem worse, which means a stronger sewage smell that lasts longer.

There are many problems that may be causing a sewage smell in your home. Sometimes drainpipes aren’t properly ventilated, or they may clog over their lifetime. Damage to your property from storms or heavy rains may cause backups in your sewage systems and pumps. Clogs in a toilet or pipe may be out of reach or stronger than what a plunger can handle, so the backup is allowed to fester.

Whenever you smell that something is wrong, it’s time to call the plumber.

Where should you check if your property smells like sewage? It is recommended that you briefly walk your property to see if it is in your home, the drain near your backyard, or at other points of your property. Knowing this information can help a plumber narrow their focus and start treating your home immediately.


If you’re experiencing a plumbing problem that you can’t handle alone, hire a respected local plumber. If you’re a resident in the Puyallup, WA area, turn to Bowers Plumbing and Remodel for your plumbing needs. Our plumbers are experts in plumbing repairs, maintenance, installation and remodels. You’ll receive a fair price for high-quality work, always from a friendly face. Don’t settle for less — contact us and experience the Bowers Plumbing and Remodel difference today.


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