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Are your waste lines constantly backed up?

Are your waste lines constantly backed up?

Was your home built between 1945 and 1972? If so, call a plumber because your sewer line may be Orangeburg pipe.

What is Orangeburg pipe?

Orangeburg pipe is also known as fiber conduit and is made from asphalt-impregnated layers of wood pulp and pitch. It’s essentially tar paper. Lightweight and brittle, this piping absorbs moisture and deforms under pressure, which leads to a great need for plumbing repair.

Orangeburg was used to replace sewer line during WWII

Orangeburg started out as a substitute for cast iron pipe, which was heavily taxed to support the war effort. However, some companies continued to use Orangeburg pipe until the 1970s.

Orangeburg has a life expectancy of approximately 50 years, with deformation beginning around 30 years. That means that if your home was built in or before 1972, you may be in serious need of a sewer line replacement

Why would I need a sewer line replacement?

Once Orangeburg pipe begins to break down, homeowners can expect frequently clogged lines, tree root invasion and even total pipe collapse. If you see indentations in the front yard that line up with where the sewer line should be, that may be a sign of Orangeburg pipe deterioration. Once the deterioration process begins, Orangeburg pipes deform quickly. Oh, and if your neighbors have Orangeburg, you probably do too.

Plumbing Services and Solutions

We are offering free* sewer scopes to the first 25 customers who call and set up an inspection.

Once the scope has been performed, a tech will sit down with you to review video of your line and go over options for treatment. 

Do I need to have Orangeburg pipe to get a free scope?

NO. If your home is having constant backup issues and you feel like something is wrong we are definitely here to help. Many things can cause a mainline backup. Some of those things include root intrusion, a crushed pipe, corroded pipe, and even a build-up of grease within the pipe.

Options to fix: Bowers Plumbing LLC. knows just how expensive a mainline repair can be. A sewer scope can help diagnose a problem and allow us to offer the best solution. Whether you need a full replacement, spot replacement, jetting service, or a trenchless estimate, Bowers Plumbing is here to help.

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