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Water Filtration Systems

Water Softening

The method of water softening involves using ion exchange remove calcium and magnesium from the water. In the softener, which removes the hardness from the water and replaces it with a trace quantity of sodium and potassium, we can use cat-ion resin beads to collect the hardness. Any software that does not use sodium or potassium is not considered to be softening and as a result does not provide you with the advantages of softened water, such as soft skin or hair as well as the advantage of using less cleaning goods such as soaps and shampoo.

As a result, your family can enjoy the following benefits of soft water:

  1. Less film build-up on tubs, sinks, faucets, and wall tiles.
  2. No more spotting on glassware, dishes, and flatware caused by hard water.
  3. Whiter and brighter laundry with up to 50% less detergent required.

    Chlorine Filtration

    To kill dangerous bacteria, several communities treat their water with chlorine and chloramine. Chlorine and chloramine, however, are carcinogens and can be dangerous to your health. In a 15 minute shower our bodies can take in the equivalent of five glasses of chlorinated water. The long term effects of chlorine exposure on our internal organs health include irritation of the skin and lungs. For tough chloramines in our equipment we employ catalytic carbon and coconut shell carbon to eliminate chlorine. Our goal is protect you from municipal chemicals. Our carbon comes with a 10 year to lifetime warranties.

      Iron Filtration

        The removal of iron from water can be very challenging. Red water and clear water iron are two varieties. It is crucial that we test your water at home rather than in a lab or office because iron can alter with time and exposure to air or sunlight. Based on our expert and home testing, we employ a wide range of treatment methods to remove iron. Your shower, fixtures, and appliances may end up looking dingy and brown from the presence of iron. We will test your water for iron content and use eco-friendly treatments to remediate it.

        Experience the difference of clean and refreshing water with our solution to excess ferrous iron or ferric iron! Say goodbye to metallic taste and unsightly rust-like stains in your water. Don’t settle for subpar water quality. Upgrade to our product for a refreshing and enjoyable water experience.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is Pipe Bursting?

         Pipe bursting can be used to replace water lines, drain lines, sewer lines, etc., with diameters as small as 0.5″ up to 18″. This technique can be used to replace lines under yards, sidewalks, driveways, homes, highways and other structures that make traditional digging expensive or impossible.

        How much is a bid estimate? Is it free?

        All bids are free unless our techs have to go within the crawl space or open a wall. At that time you will be charged an access fee. All of our costs are always told to our customers before we provide any work. That way everyone is on the same page.

        Do you call to confirm appointments? Can you text me instead?

        Yes, we do call to confirm appointments. A project manager will contact you the day before your scheduled appointment and your technician will call you when they are on the way to your location.

        Our system cannot text you. However, you can ask for the tech to text when they are 30 minutes away.

        We are Available 24/7!

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