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Plumbers in Puyallup Share a Guide to Year-Round Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbers Puyallup Share Guide Year Round Plumbing Maintenance

As trusted plumbers in Puyallup, we at Bowers Plumbing & Remodel understand the importance of maintaining a healthy plumbing system year-round. From freezing winters to scorching summers, your pipes endure a lot. 

We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help homeowners in Puyallup keep their plumbing in top shape regardless of the season.

Seasonal Plumbing Maintenance

As the seasons change, so do the demands on your home’s plumbing system. From the thawing of winter to the scorching summer heat and the chill of fall and winter, each season presents unique challenges. Here’s a breakdown of essential maintenance tasks to keep your plumbing system in top condition year-round:


As spring arrives and the icy grip of winter loosens, it’s time to assess the impact of freezing temperatures on your outdoor plumbing fixtures. 

Thawing after winter’s freeze can reveal vulnerabilities in outdoor faucets and hoses. Take the opportunity to inspect these elements for any signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks, which may have developed during the colder months. 

Also, ensure proper drainage around your home’s foundation to mitigate the risk of water damage caused by melting snow and spring rains.


While summer may evoke images of relaxation, it’s essential to remain vigilant about your plumbing system. 

With increased outdoor activities and garden maintenance, your sprinkler system is put to the test. Take the time to inspect the system for leaks or malfunctioning heads, as even minor issues can result in substantial water waste and inflated utility bills. 

Moreover, be mindful of clogged drains resulting from higher usage, particularly after hosting summer gatherings. Consistent maintenance and prompt attention to these issues can help ensure a smoothly functioning plumbing system throughout the season.


As trees begin to shed leaves and temperatures gradually drop, it’s crucial to prepare your plumbing system for the impending cold weather. Proactive steps taken during the fall can help prevent costly emergencies during the winter months. 

Insulate exposed pipes to shield them from freezing temperatures, and remember to disconnect outdoor hoses to keep water from freezing and damaging the pipes. Consider installing frost-proof hose bibs to protect your outdoor fixtures further from winter’s chill. 

A comprehensive inspection by our expert plumbing services in Puyallup can identify potential vulnerabilities and address them before they escalate into emergencies.


Winter poses unique challenges for your plumbing system, particularly in colder climates like Puyallup. 

As temperatures plummet, your water heater works harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Keep a close eye on your water heater for any signs of leaks or sediment buildup, as these issues can compromise its efficiency and longevity. 

Additionally, insulate pipes in unheated areas of your home to prevent freezing and potential bursts, which can lead to costly water damage and disruption. By implementing these preventative measures and staying vigilant, you can help ensure a reliable plumbing system throughout the winter months.

Preventing Emergencies with Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital to safeguarding your home against unexpected plumbing emergencies while prolonging the lifespan of your plumbing system. 

Our team of expert plumbers in Puyallup is dedicated to providing comprehensive routine inspection and maintenance services tailored to your needs. By proactively identifying and addressing minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs, we help you avoid the inconvenience and financial burden of plumbing emergencies.

With our routine maintenance services, you are assured that your plumbing system is performing at its best efficiency year-round. From checking for leaks and corrosion to ensuring proper water pressure and drainage, our thorough inspections cover every aspect of your plumbing infrastructure. By investing in preventive maintenance now, you can avoid dealing with sudden breakdowns and unexpected expenses in the future.

Don’t wait until a plumbing emergency strikes. Take proactive steps to protect your home and investment by scheduling preventive maintenance with our experienced team. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we’ll help you maintain a reliable and efficient plumbing system for years to come.

Conclusion: Choosing Bowers Plumbing & Remodel for Your Plumbing Needs

Maintaining your plumbing system year-round is essential for your home’s comfort and safety. With our experienced team of plumbers in Puyallup, you can trust Bowers Plumbing & Remodel to provide high-quality service for all your plumbing needs. 

From routine maintenance to emergency issues, we are here to serve you. Our emergency plumber in Puyallup is ready 24/7 should you require urgent assistance. 

Contact us today for a free estimate and ensure your plumbing system is in top condition throughout the year.

Let’s safeguard your home together—act now for lasting peace of mind.

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