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There’s no job too big or too small for us to take on.

Residential Plumbing services Puyallup

    From a Leaking Faucet to Gushing Broken Pipes, We’re Ready to Help!

    No matter what your plumbing needs, you can count on Bowers Plumbing & Remodel, LLC to provide quality professional plumbing services. No job is too big or too small—from the leaky toilet to the bursting sewer pipe in the front yard, we fix it all! Whether you need new plumbing equipment installed or existing equipment repaired, we’re here to help.

    As a residential homeowner, investing in the quality of your residential plumbing is your best investment.  Kitchen and bathroom problems are preventable and we help consumers with our high-quality service.

    • Single-Family Housing Plumbing Problems
    • Condo Remodels
    • Apartment Plumbers  

    Whether you have emergency needs or routine repair, our expert plumbers are here to help.  We service kitchen and bathroom copper pipes, steel pipes, brass pipes, and plastic pipes throughout the South Sound.

      Bowers Plumbing & Remodel, LLC offers excellent local, residential service.

      • Toilet repair & replacement
      • Water heater repair
      • Water heater installation
      • Leaky faucets
      • Kitchen and Bath faucet repair & replacement
      • Shower faucet repair & replacement
      • Sump pump replacement
      • Garbage disposal installation
      • Garbage disposal repair
      • Drain cleaning
      • Sewer line replacement
      • Gas piping
      • Waterline repairs
      • Drain line repairs

      sewer repair & replacement

       Are you experiencing multiple clogged drains or sewage backups? Bowers Plumbing & Remodel, LLC. can accurately diagnose and fix any problem down your sewer line. From large clogs to breaks and other damages in the pipes, our expert plumbing team can handle them all.

      Licensed for Side Sewer in Pierce County / Tacoma

      What is a private side sewer?
      A side sewer, also known as a lateral sewer or private connection, carries wastewater from a home or business’s toilets and drains to the City’s main sewer line, where it continues to a wastewater treatment plant.

      Who is responsible for the maintenance of the side sewers?
      Maintenance of side sewers, from the building to the City main, is the responsibility of the private property owner. The City’s responsibility is the maintenance of the sewer main, including the tees, wyes and risers at the main.

      Line Bursting Service available

      Line bursting / Pipe bursting, can be used to replace lines under yards, sidewalks, driveways, homes, highways and other structures that make traditional digging expensive or impossible.

      Two holes are dug, exit and entrance. A cable, which is connected to a hydraulic puller,  is sent through the damaged pipe. The other end of the cable is connected to a splitter cone that splits the old pipe. Coming behind the cone is the new pipe.

      As the cable is pulled, the cone splits or breaks the existing pipe and pushes it out of the exit hole, leaving the new pipe in its place.

      water heaters

      We Handle All Types of Water Heaters

      Most water heaters have a life-span of about 10 years.  At Bowers Plumbing & Remodel, LLC, we offer electric, gas, and tankless water heater service and replacement.


      If you’ve noticed it takes a while for your faucet to deliver warm water or there’s sediment in the water when you turn it on, you might need to check your water heater. You might also notice your water has a rusty color or a metallic taste. These types of issues could mean that your water heater is ready to call it quits.

      • Save energy and money in the long-term
      • These water heaters also save space with a compact design
      • Can be repaired as most parts are can be replaced (versus old technology where the entire unit must be replaced)
      • Most gas-powered tankless water heaters qualify for a tax rebate
      • Tankless water heaters also typically have a longer warranty

      Bowers’ Water Heater Services Will Repair the Following:

      • Leaking hot water heater
      • Cold showers
      • No to Slow flowing hot water
      • High energy costs
      • Gas hot water tank heaters
      • Electric hot water heaters
      • Tankless hot water heaters
      • Haul away of old units
      Yearly Maintenance

      Tankless – Includes opening the unit, cleaning filters and checking for any visible issues.

      Conventional – Includes flushing the tank, physically inspecting the tank for any visible issues, checking for rust, small leaks, or corrosion, as well as checking the expansion tank.


      Galvanized to Pex and Copper Replacement

      Let’s face it. Pipes don’t last forever. With some plumbing issues, a simple seal might be the solution. With other issues, you may be looking at a complete pipe replacement. Our plumbers use a range of tools to diagnose and repair your pipes. Once we find the issue, we’ll explain the work that needs to be done and give you pricing up front.

      Galvanized Pipes

      Galvanized steel pipes were commonly installed in homes built before the 1960s. The interior of these strong pipes have a layer of zinc, which eventually will erode, causing corrosion buildup and limiting the flow of the water in the pipe system to the tap. Galvanized pipes have a life expectancy of around 50 years, so if your home currently has its original galvanized pipes, they are most likely not functioning as well as they should be.

      Pex Pipes

      PEX pipes are made of flexible plastic. They are able to withstand hot and cold temperatures, but are not strong enough to be used outside the home. PEX pipes cannot be directly connected to a water heater and they can’t be recycled. However, PEX is inexpensive compared to other types of new pipes, it requires fewer fittings, it does not need soldering or gluing and it can be used for hot and cold water. The use of PEX pipes in the United States is relatively new, but the lifespan is estimated to be around 50 years or less.

      Copper Pipes

      If your home was built in the 1960s and 1970s it most likely has copper pipes. Copper is long-lasting, however it doesn’t last forever. Copper pipes should be replaced every 20 years and sometimes sooner. Over the years corrosive residue can build up and the copper can wear down and leach into the water. Also, if piping from copper to galvanized was previously done incorrectly, the copper can corrode and eat the pipe.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Pipe Bursting?

       Pipe bursting can be used to replace water lines, drain lines, sewer lines, etc., with diameters as small as 0.5″ up to 18″. This technique can be used to replace lines under yards, sidewalks, driveways, homes, highways and other structures that make traditional digging expensive or impossible.

      How much is a bid estimate? Is it free?

      All bids are free unless our techs have to go within the crawl space or open a wall. At that time you will be charged an access fee. All of our costs are always told to our customers before we provide any work. That way everyone is on the same page.

      Do you call to confirm appointments? Can you text me instead?

      Yes, we do call to confirm appointments. A project manager will contact you the day before your scheduled appointment and your technician will call you when they are on the way to your location.

      Our system cannot text you. However, you can ask for the tech to text when they are 30 minutes away.

      We are Available 24/7!

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